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Nike Kyrie Infinity - Light Blue

Nike Kyrie Infinity - Light Blue

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Kyrie twists defenders into knots using his footwork and ball handling, creating the space he needs to make the play. Designed for his quick, crafty game, the Kyrie Low 5 enables players who utilize their speed and multidirectional ability to stay in control while taking advantage of the separation they create.

  • The laces feed through interlocking bands in the forefoot. When you tighten the laces, they pull down to help keep your foot comfortably secure inside the shoe.
  • The foam in the midsole feels soft and smooth, while keeping you low to the ground and enhancing the sensation of court feel. A top-loaded Air unit under the ball of your foot responds to your force with a burst of returned energy at every step.
  • Computer-generated outsole pattern lets you quickly accelerate, slow down and change direction, helping you feel in control of your movement.

Responsive Traction

Data-informed traction, put together after studying hundreds of athletes including Kyrie himself, helps keep you in control under duress. It's a computer-generated traction pattern made to help you grip the court in multiple directions. The rubber wraps up the toe and sides to help you stay in control when banking hard on your edges.

Court-Ready Cushioning

An updated 3-layer cushioning system has a responsive Air Zoom unit in the forefoot sandwiched between a molded insole and foam midsole. Less foam and fewer layers improve court feel and unlock the Air Zoom's energy-returning potential.

Custom Fit

Kyrie likes his shoes to feel tight and custom-fitted like a boxing glove. Internal bands poke through the upper, and the laces feed through them. Tightening the laces pulls down on the bands to create a super-snug, comfortable and connected fit.

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